Although I have been crazy busy the past few months — really, all this year — I have made time for interviews that can be done via podcast or radio.  In case you missed them, here are a few:

Also, check out an interview I did for Richard Hoagland’s new show just recently.  You can find it at:

(Yes, that’s my name spelled wrong … in all fairness, it’s a pretty common mistake.  I should just change it!)

Stay safe.


A quick word regarding a new book coming out next week.

A study of alchemy that has been in process for almost as long as I have been alive will be released on September 1, 2015. The Tantric Alchemist: Thomas Vaughan and the Indian Tantric Tradition will be published by Ibis Press. It represents an interest of mine since 1968, when I read Kenneth Rexroth’s Foreword to the University Press edition of A. E. Waite’s The Works of Thomas Vaughan.

Vaughan was a seventeenth century Welsh alchemist who is notable for having a female partner, his wife Rebecca. Rebecca Vaughan was an equal participant in the Work, and Thomas refers to her contributions fondly and often. She died mysteriously about seven years into their marriage, and Thomas Vaughan died about seven years after that, also under mysterious circumstances. These circumstances were characterized by Kenneth Rexroth as “unguided autonomous nervous system experiments.” He referred to Chinese and Indian alchemical practices and then left it at that, saying he would not describe what they were doing because “it killed them.”

That was pretty much the only encouragement I needed to begin a lifelong quest to understand the alchemical writings of Thomas Vaughan (Rebecca did not leave any writings behind), and in order to do that I had to make a study of Chinese, Indian, and Greco-Egyptian alchemical sources. What eventually transpired was a system for decoding alchemical texts and the alchemical process itself.

Those who have read my previous works on Tantra and alchemy — Tantric Temples:Eros and Magic in Java as well as Stairway to Heaven and The Dark Lord — will find in this book an elaboration of this theme and, hopefully, a clarification. As I wrote the Introduction to the book I was forced to realize that I had begun this search almost fifty years ago! Only my readers will be able to judge whether or not the search was worth the effort, and the wait.



Recent and Upcoming Events

Taking care of social media is time-consuming, as many of you know.  That is why I avoid most social media outlets as it would be a full time job  just trying to keep current.  I have some impossible deadlines this year — all achievable, but which demand focus and concentration — and updating a raft of media sites would basically shut me down!  So my apologies for not keeping this site updated as much as you,  or I, would like.

That said, here is some updated information:

The ongoing series of interviews on the Dave Emory/Spitfire site is, well, still ongoing.  We will soon complete the interviews dedicated to The Hitler Legacy, and the last one(s) should be up in the next few weeks.

In addition, I have done a long interview with Jasun Horsley on his site:

This is a thoughtful interview, going into matters philosophical and psychological, and some listeners have enjoyed the exchange of ideas they hear in this free-wheeling conversation.

I also taped an  interview for a Discovery Channel documentary on the Nazi underground.  When that is scheduled to appear, I will let you know.

Now for the weird news:

I have been asked to participate in Contact in the Desert: a UFO type conference that takes place at Joshua Tree in Southern California that is hosted by George Noory (of Coast-to-Coast AM) and which will boast an array of famous speakers on everything from aspects of disclosure to ancient alien theories, etc.

I will be giving a presentation at the ungodly hour of 7:30 am on Sunday, May 31 and  then a workshop that evening.  This is the first time I will be at such an event since that famous Secret Space presentation in Amsterdam some years ago.

Now you all know I am not the UFO guy, although I did cover some of the story in Sinister Forces, but my research and point of view makes it impossible for me to ignore the larger, sociological implications of the ongoing UFO phenomenon and its religious/spiritual aspects.  I will be talking about communication (is it possible between species, and especially between us and a species of which we have no real knowledge? how would that work?) and about the possibility that religious and shamanic experiences may reflect “contact” in some way.   Basically, my point of view is I think it is time we stopped trying to prove the reality of this phenomenon and started working with the material.

In addition, I am hard at work at finishing my next book which is about the relationship between European alchemy (especially in the persons of Thomas and Rebecca Vaughan) and Tantra.   Watch this space!

That’s all for now.  Back to work!



New Series of Interviews Ongoing on Spitfire List

I am pleased to announce an ambitious new series of interviews based on my book The Hitler Legacy.  This series is conducted by the eminent Dave Emory, who is familiar to many readers for his excellent series of interviews including those on subjects related — directly or indirectly — to the subject matter of Nazi survivals and their impact on current events.

These interviews will be about 6 or 7 in number, and each one is devoted to specific themes in the book, expanded upon and related to events in the US, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.  The first can be found at:

and the second at:

All readers are invited to check the site, not only for my interviews but for the huge archive of related material going back decades.  It’s a tremendous resource and one that should not be missed!

A Mystery Solved!

This is very exciting, and I have posted this same article on my website

There has been a very fruitful exchange of information with a reader whom we will call Jinni.  Jinni noticed an important clue in The Hitler Legacy that refers to a mysterious bunch of letters and numbers in Ratline.  This connection — which totally escaped me! —  quite possibly ties the Austrian Nazis Georg Anton Poech and his wife the anthropologist Hella Poech to the Sukarno gold enigma in a very definite way and which reveals the interest that the Javanese prince Soeryo Goeritno (an arms dealer and partner with Temasek of Singapore in the search for gold on Sumbawa, as well as the author of a book insisting that Georg Anton Poech’s real identity was none other than Hitler himself) had in the Poech documentation and why he was so insistent on getting his hands on the original Poech papers.

Those of you who have a copy of Ratline flip to page 117.  There you will see that I refer to the inside front cover of the Poech address book where a cryptic notation appears:  JR KepaD No. 35 637 and 35 638.  These last two numbers are accompanied by the signs for Male and Female, respectively.

Jinni — a close reader if ever there was one! — noticed a similarity between that notation and an address that appears in The Hitler Legacy on page 270.  There I refer to PT Galaxy Trust, the bank where Edison Damanik was an officer and which figures prominently in the stories that swirl around Sukarno’s gold and the Revolutionary Fund.  The address of the PT Galaxy Trust in Jakarta, Indonesia is given as Jalan Rawa Kepa VI.

As Jinni points out, JR Kepa is shorthand for Jalan Rawa Kepa.  The Roman numeral VI in the address was probably mistaken for the letter D, as the VI would have been written as 6.  In Poech’s spidery German hand the 6 could easily have passed for a D.

This means that the Poechs probably had accounts — 35 637 and 35 638 — at the very same, rather obscure, financial institution that was the epicenter (decades later) of the attempt to negotiate the Sukarno gold certificates.  Remembering that Poech died in 1970, that means that the couple had accounts at PT Galaxy Trust long before that date.

I have often wondered how the Poech couple managed to support themselves in what appears to be a thoroughly western fashion on that remote Indonesian island, and wondered as well as to what they might have been up to all those years.  Had they been caretakers of one of the greatest hordes of stolen gold of the twentieth century?  Were they somehow involved in moving assets from Europe to Indonesia in the early 1950s at the time of the Bandung Conference which saw the first indications that Sukarno was planning his Revolutionary Fund as an alternative to the World Bank and the IMF?  How would the Poechs have even known that PT Galaxy Trust existed, much less have accounts at that bank?

Does it connect in any way with Poech’s statement to a passing tourist that he came over under the aegis of the ICA?

As mentioned in The Hitler Legacy, ICA was the forerunner of US AID.  It was ostensibly designed as an international aid program of the United States.  Under ICA cover, however, Lee Harvey Oswald associate  George de Mohrenschildt visited Yugoslavia and was detained on suspicion of being a spy for the CIA.  And in Philip Agee’s expose of the CIA – Inside the Company: A CIA Diary — we find references to ICA as a front for CIA activities in Latin America.

There is much more to the story of Poech, Sukarno, ICA and the gold and we will be following this trail vigorously.  Watch this space!

And … many thanks to Jinni for solving one of my most perplexing mysteries, the strange notation in the Poech address book!


Readers of Sinister Forces know the importance I assigned to the town of Ashland, Kentucky and how I stumbled upon Indian mounds in that town’s Central Park and wondered how a young Charles Manson (who lived in Ashland for the first few years of his life) saw them and how their secrets of death and ritual might have affected his young mind.

That went on to become a meditation on the Adena culture which built the mounds, and on America as a haunted house: populated by ghosts of a past we have forgotten or never known.

A few years ago a Brooklyn-based band known as Pinataland wrote and recorded a song based on my travel to Ashland as described in Sinister Forces and sent me the link.  It was uncanny how they managed to capture the mood and the context of that trip.  Pinataland specializes in music that describes and illustrates some of America’s more bizarre (yet nevertheless unremembered) events and personalities and they are worth a listen.

You can start with the following link which will lead you to an online recording of “Ashland.”  But don’t stop there.  Pinataland even recorded a song about the strange Coral Castle in South Florida and its enigmatic builder … The whole album is like listening to a volume of Sinister Forces, but without the footnotes!

Hour long interview with Eben Rey

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Eben Rey of KPFK in San Francisco last night (or actually early this morning on the East Coast) for a solid hour of commercial-free radio.  It was 1 am my time, and I had just come down after 3 hours with Jimmy Church on Coast-to-Coast AM which ran from 2 am to 5 am my time on Monday morning.  So I guess I’m getting used to the late nights.

So used to them, that I pretty much didn’t let poor Ms Rey get a word in edge-wise.  Listeners know that I can easily run off for uninterrupted monologues on virtually anything, and when it comes to my books — we talked about Sinister Forces, Ratline, and The Hitler Legacy — there is virtually no stopping me.  Part of the problem is the complexity of these subjects, plus and I have  a New Yorker’s bad habit of talking fast to make sure I get my points in!

If you have a chance, though, you might want to listen when the interview is uploaded as we plumbed the murky depths of international underground networks causing all sorts of mayhem, as well as a discussion of how global jihad was invented — not in Baghdad — but in Berlin.

Phenomenal Sales Greet Release of The Hitler Legacy

As mentioned on site, first day sales of The Hitler Legacy were outstanding.  The book ranked in the top 350 on Monday, November 10, 2014 and was a bestseller in three categories on the amazon list on that day.

As of today, the amazon ranking is around 1,300 but remains at #1 in one category and #2 in two other categories.  As of this moment, amazon has sold out of both The Hitler Legacy and the prequel volume, Ratline.  Not a bad showing at all, and my thanks to all those readers who have been following my work all these years who helped make this possible!